This site is from Slush 2012. The content is old and not updated anymore!
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Slush 2012: It’s A Wrap!

Ladies and gentlemen! We’ve had a month to recover from Slush 2012 – what an event! In this post, we’ll share some metrics, statistics, media coverage and views from you guys. For a quick recap, check out these links On Flickr, we’ve put up some great shots taken during Slush Take a look at the many Instagrams taken during […]

Fishbrain wins Slush 2012

A big congratulations to Fishbrain, the winner of this year’s lightweight pitching competition.  Fishbrain is a mobile app to help its users catch more and bigger fish. How it works is by allowing anglers to log, analyze and share news on their catch. They have released as a beta in Sweden and boast having already […]

Lightweight top 20 pitches

The Slush lightweight pitching competition is where you find the startup community’s most enthusiastic and newest group of innovative businesses. The idea is simple, a group of 100 startups have 2 minutes to pitch to an audience and jury of experts to convince them that their startup company is the next big one. Although a […]

The Slushes of Years Past

Slush is only a few more days away. Can you believe it? The Slush team is getting super excited although perhaps a bit nervous. Our speakers and startups are probably feeling the same way right about now. This is also a time where people start getting a bit nostalgic. Thinking back to the Slushes of […]

Program, Partners and Party Updates

Slush takes place in exactly a week, on Wednesday, November 21st and Thursday, 22nd at the Old Cable Factory, Helsinki. Here’s a briefing package to help you get the most out of the conference. As of now, we have more than 500 startups, 100 investors, over 70 journalists and close to 2000 registered attendees – […]

Matches made in startup heaven: Recruitment Track

Recruiting is perhaps the most critical activity the startup has to master to grow successfully. Finding talent is hard. Last year at Slush, we noticed that many matches were made and many more discussions got started at the conference. This year the decision was made to give startups additional help by facilitating recruiting track for […]

Monday at midnight marks the deadline of startups’ application

Startups ahoy, apply to Slush startup sections before the end of Monday, November 12th! The three tracks are targeted for different stages of startups, so pick your prey and apply now! LightweightTrack: A pitching competition for super early-stage startups MiddleweightTrack: One-on-one meetings with selected venture capital investors HeavyweightTrack: For later-stage startups currently focused on scaling up […]

Gamefounders are demoing at Slush

The inaugural class at Gamefounders will be demoing their hottest new games on November 22 at Slush. For those of you who haven’t heard, Gamefounders is a new gaming-focused accelerator based out of Tallinn. They claim to be Europe’s first gaming accelerator, a claim which is backed up by strong partnerships with Startup Sauna here […]

The Slush Experience as a Startup Founder

This post is part of the three post series about the Slush experience. In this series we interview an Organizer, a Startup Founder and an Investor about their experiences from Slush. Claudio Camacho is the CEO of Maître. He describes himself as an engineer by nature, having specialized in service design. He is the co-founder […]