This site is from Slush 2012. The content is old and not updated anymore!
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Slush 2012: It’s A Wrap!

Ladies and gentlemen! We’ve had a month to recover from Slush 2012 – what an event! In this post, we’ll share some metrics, statistics, media coverage and views from you guys. For a quick recap, check out these links On Flickr, we’ve put up some great shots taken during Slush Take a look at the many Instagrams taken during […]

The World’s Strongest Founder/Investor Competition launches at Slush

Via Lifeline Ventures’ Timo Ahopelto: The strength of the team is critical in any startup’s success. Most investors believe in strong teams, like Ron Conway: “We believe in investing in people”. The same goes for investors: although strong investors cannot make your company, the weak ones can break it. Sounds familiar? Yes. With Petteri, we have taken […]

Program, Partners and Party Updates

Slush takes place in exactly a week, on Wednesday, November 21st and Thursday, 22nd at the Old Cable Factory, Helsinki. Here’s a briefing package to help you get the most out of the conference. As of now, we have more than 500 startups, 100 investors, over 70 journalists and close to 2000 registered attendees – […]

Anssi Vanjoki: Founders’ passion, will to create and talent make investing rewarding

Slush is organized for the 5th time and for most of those past events, the iconic Nokia-executive-turned-angel-investor Anssi Vanjoki has attended to conference. In the recent years, Anssi has made investments in e.g. Valkee, Gamebook and AQSens, but this time around, Anssi returns to Slush as the recently appointed chairman of Vertu, luxury mobile phones manufacturer. […]

What to Expect at SyysGraph’12? Demos, Audiovisual Extravaganza and All Things Graphics & Interaction

SyysGraph, as well as its springtime sister event, KevätGraph, is a computer graphics seminar organized once a year in Helsinki by ACM SIGGRAPH. SyysGraph offers a broad overview of what’s happening in graphics and interaction scene in Finland and abroad – 3D graphics, demos, animations and new interactive technologies. Don’t get spooked by the technology […]

When it rains, it pours: Slush

In addition to our existing lineup of great partners, we’re adding more partners every week: Now we’re thrilled to share a collaboration with Timangi. The prize gala for this year’s Timangi, the annual Finnish championship for young entrepreneurship organised by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, will be held on the first day of Slush! The […]