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MTV Media

MTV Media is the main media partner of Slush 2012. Founded in 1957, MTV Media was one of the first commercial TV companies in Europe, while they’re currently one of the leading media companies in Northern Europe. MTV Media is best known for its channels MTV3, Subtv and Radio Nova.

GigaOM logo


Founded in 2006, GigaOM has grown into the leading independent voice on emerging technologies and the disruption of media. The GigaOM news network’s online audience of 5.5 million monthly unique readers relies on its definitive coverage of cloud, mobile, cleantech, consumer web and media. GigaOM Events bring together the people innovating, shaping and defining the ongoing evolution of the technology industry. GigaOM Pro offers the highest quality research and analysis of emerging technology markets and the companies making a difference in those sectors.


Arctic Startup

Arctic Startup covers technology entrepreneurship from Northern Europe on a daily basis. It gathers tens of thousands of readers from over 130 countries, giving the region’s startups an unrivaled media channel for global recognition.



TechNode (formerly known as MOBINODE) is a popular group-edited internet and tech blog uncovering the latest news on start-up entrepreneurs, investors, large companies and industry trends in China and Asia. TechNode’s focus is on social media, mobile and e-commerce and new trends such as LBS and augmented reality.


PR Newswire

PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organisations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide. Providing multimedia news targeting, distribution and monitoring products PR Newswire helps you promote your brand, generate awareness, drive sales and increase revenue.

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A multiplatform (TV+WEB+Event+Mobile Aps+ Incubator&Seed Fund) and digital reality show concerning innovations and startups and this format is registered in FRAPA for USA and EU markets. Idea is that “iLIFT” gives the startupers’ 2-minutes to make an elevator pitch for the investors. If you are interested to participate shooting let us know here. 



RusBase – all about Russian startups and venture capital industry. The first open platform covering Russian VC and StartUps. The project is designed to attract Western investment into the Russian IT-industry and provide relevant information on the domestic market. All services and figures within one platform.



beSUCCESS is a South Korean media platform about startups, technology and entrepreneurship with English and Korean language versions. beSUCCESS organized beLAUNCH, Korea’s biggest startup conference in June 2012.