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What Does Slush Mean for Startups Like Deveo, Uplause, and Infogram.

We’ve seen over 3,000 people at Slush which translate to 3,000 different stories. Out of those, I’ve done short interviews on some of the most interesting teams during the event. Keep your eyes on these teams. Image: Deveo Deveo, source-code collaboration platform for SW. For anyone who knows anything about software development in Finland must […]

Rovio’s “Why Not?” Spirit Spreads to Partners

Recent partnerships between Rovio and some of Finland’s most prestigious brands like Olvi, Fazer and Lappset have achieved tremendous success. However, exposure to Rovio’s fast-paced approach has also changed how these partner companies and others think about their respective businesses. Rovio has a “why not?” spirit, explained Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka. “It’s part of how […]

Kippt at Slush

Two Lessons Kippt Learned from Y-combinator.

First Finnish startup accepted to YC. The founders, Jori Lallo and Karri Saarinen, started Kippt as the proverbial frustrated users. They looked for something that makes it super easy to collect, share, and find useful information, packed in the beautiful design. So they made Kippt. Kippt is a social and collaborative bookmarking website. Since the […]

Creating luxury products for wants and desires

Anssi Vanjoki talked to the Slush audience about one of the extreme segments a company can focus to – the luxury users. Focusing is especially important as it’s really difficult to create a product that works for all the 7 billion potential users. But if you focus on a specific segment and succeed, it’s lot […]

Transfluent announces new partnerships

Transfluent, the company recently named “Best service provider” by Nordic Startup Awards announced two new partnerships yesterday at Slush. The language translation service has teamed up with Automattic, the company behind popular Web publishing platform VIP, and Unity, the world’s most popular game development platform. Transfluent is the first and only translation provider for VIP, which […]

Blaast launches new services at Slush

Leading cloud-based mobile app platform Blaast made huge announcements on the mainstage of Slush yesterday afternoon.  Not only will it expand its offering from feature phones to entry-level Android devices but will also launch an Android service in collaboration with Sony Mobile and XL Axiata. What is Blaast? Using the revolutionary approach of running mobile […]

Eric Wahlforss imagines

Co-founder of SoundCloud Eric Wahlforrs reclined for a fire side chat with Tech-Crunch’s Mike Butcher on the main stage this afternoon. The highlight? A tweaked cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. Contrived backstage with interviewer-come-accomplice Mike Butcher, Wahlforrs serenaded a full house  feigning annoyance with journalists and media who waste his time. For his part, Mike Butcher played some wicked […]

Ovelin paints Finnish PM’s fingernails

Ovelin Ltd. launched their new game GuitarBots to a tidal wave of applause this afternoon at Slush. Last year’s grand prize winners upped the ante by staging a fine performance in celebration of their latest release. With a live on-stage demo, a guitar-guru ‘Bot’ in the crowd and an uncomfortably large number of attendees adorning rainbow […]

Sailfishes don’t usually catch fire

When Nokia’s Antti Vanjoki tells you that you are the future of the world’s greatest company and you’re not sure which one he’s talking about, your career on the mobile business is off to a very promising start. Marc Dillon brought the whole company to the Main Stage here at Slush 2012 to publish their […]

Segerstråle’s 5 Lessons for Creating Tomorrow

“These are amazing times to be an entrepreneur — to be a disruptor” began Kristian Segerstråle, Executive Vice President, Digital of Electronic Arts and the keynote speaker on Day 1 of Slush 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. On a 2011 visit to Startup Sauna, Segerstråle spoke inspiring words to live by: “Build a big vision and then make it bigger.” […]