This site is from Slush 2012. The content is old and not updated anymore!


Introducing three stages, three startup tracks and the 500 most promising
early-stage companies from Northern Europe, Russia and beyond.

Breakfast will be served from 8 am to 11 am and lunch from 12 am to 4 pm on both days and it's included in the ticket price. Slush takes place at the Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas), Tallberginkatu 1. You can order a taxi by calling to +358 1000 700 or use public transportation.

Wednesday Afterparty begins at 9 pm at the same venue as the conference. Evening is brought to you by Supercell.

Event Stage presents events inside Slush - the variety of co-organizers and program.

Day 1 – Wednesday – Nov 21st

Event Stage
10:30 Startup Sauna Investor session (invite-only)
11:45 Middleweight track opening (invite only)
12:15 FiBAN coaching session
SyysGraph, Session I
13:00 Introduction to SyysGraph / Ville Miettinen
13:10 CatchBox (Lasse Korpela)
13:20 GrabCad (Kristina Narusk)
13:30 Unity 3D (Joe Robins)
13:40 drawElements (Pyry Haulos)
13:50 Delicode (Julius Tuomisto)
14:00 Disney / Rocket Pack (Jiri Kupiainen)
14:10 ACM SIGGRAPH Helsinki (Antti Laiho)
14:20 UpLause (Jussi Marin, Tuomas Paavola)
SyysGraph, Session II
15:30 Aalto University (Jaakko Lehtinen)
15:40 (Uldis Leiterts)
15:50 3D Render (Tomas Westerholm)
16:00 Anima Vitae (Olli Rajala)
16:10 ZenRobotics (Tuomas Lukka)
16:20 SuperCell (Lasse Louhento)
16:30 NVIDIA (Juha Tukkinen)
16:40 FXI Technologies (Borgar Ljosland)
17:00 Jolla UI by Martin Schuele and Jaakko Roppola
18:00 Timangi - Young Entrepreneurship Competition (in Finnish)

Day 2 – Thursday – Nov 22nd

Event Stage
10:00 Sailfish SDK by Harri Hakulinen, David Greaves and Marko Mattila
11:15 FiBAN: Business angel investing - Private high-growth investing
12:00 GameFounders Demo Day:
* Keynote by Aman Ghei, Accel Partners: "Metrics driven gaming from an investor perspective"
* 6 pitches
Register & see description of teams!
14:15 Advanced Technology session

Map of the Venue

Venue design: Jenni Kääriäinen / Sun Effects