This site is from Slush 2012. The content is old and not updated anymore!

How to Make Friends and Take in the Tech Conf

Sitar Teli, the Managing Partner of ConnectVentures was a first-time visitor at last year’s Slush and discussed networking and meeting people at events, while admitting to being herself sometimes fearful of a networking situation.

Sitar’s top three tips on networking

  • Be specific about what you want out of the meeting
  • Be open: Talk to as many people as possible, not only the famous ones
  • Preparation! Do your homework in advance and contact people before hand to set up a meeting during the conference

Watch the 4-minute recap of Sitar’s talk below.

And the full lightning talk from Slush 2012 here.

All prepped for your next networking endeavour now? Let us know how it went & we hope these tips proved useful!

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