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Slush 2012: It’s A Wrap!

Ladies and gentlemen!

We’ve had a month to recover from Slush 2012 – what an event! In this post, we’ll share some metrics, statistics, media coverage and views from you guys.

Rush hour on the demo lane

For a quick recap, check out these links

Traffic hits the roof – tens of thousands bitten by the frost

It’s been super exciting – and humbling! – to see the attendance numbers rise over the years. 2010 Slush saw roughly 400 attendees, whereas in 2011, we hiked the number up to a 1,500 unique visitors during the event and this year, we broke a new record of 3,500 registered attendees – whoah!

On upper left: Sportlyzer demoing. Upper right corner: Dreamdo dream wall. Lower left corner: The Jolla team takes over, and lower right corner: Chris from Ovelin and a GuitarBot.

A tragic victim to the massive popularity of #slush12 was our website. was down for some parts of Wednesday, the 21st, but when it was up, it was visited by over 25k uniques during Slush. Our live stream during the event also kept busy; Almost 30,000 people viewed the live coverage during the two days. We were especially excited by the truly global audience we draw together; we had followers from a total of 134 countries from all continents.

Press matters

There were some great blogposts, news stories and reporting taking place at Slush – we even had a live minute TV broadcast at Finland’s biggest TV channel, MTV3. Head here for the full list of media hits in international media as well as stories in Finnish.

Some of our favorite pieces include:

There’s an amazing critical mass here”, said Sean Seton- Rogers, general partner at London-based Profounders Capital, who joined thousands of investors and entrepreneurs in the Nordic region’s biggest startup event, Slush, in Helsinki this week. “Once you start having a viable ecosystem, it feeds off itself.

‘Angry Birds’ Fuels Finland Game Boom as More Hits Emerge
Bloomberg, Nov 23, 2012 

Five hundred companies and 200 investors have come together for the largest start-up conference in northern Europe […] The confidence and excitement at Slush is palpable.

Nokia decline sparks Finnish startup boom
BBC, Dec 13, 2012

It was also a lot of fun, brimming with the optimism of its young wards, who organized a monster party on the conference’s first night.

Out of the fire, into the sauna: How students power Finland’s startup ecosystem
PandoDaily, Nov 22, 2012 

Chirp, chirp, says the crowd

So, apart from the media, what did our conference goers think of Slush? Well, judging by the Twitter stream, you guys seem to appreciate random encounters, complain about the wi-fi (…while hogging the wi-fi with your multiple devices, might I add – according to Walkbase, over 3k individual devices were connected at a given time..) and make quite a few rock concert comparisons.

Here’s a few of our fave tweets, for more look up the #slush12 stream.










Join the movement: Help make #slush13 better

Attended Slush this year? Please take five minutes and fill out our feedback form – and perhaps your ideas and comments will happen November 2013! Remember to follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay up-to-date on #slush13 announcements and you’re always welcome to shoot us a mail at info at It’s a community effort & all help is appreciated!

Thank you community!

The (almost) complete #slush12 core team


Creating Northern Europe’s biggest and boldest startup conference so far was the overarching vision we had for Slush. Thank you all who participated in one way or another in building that dream.

Especially thanks to our numerous, fantastic partners, including MTV Media, Skolkovo Foundation, Aalto University, Nokia, Tekes, Evli, Supercell, PwC, Bird & Bird, EIT ICT Labs, Qualcomm Ventures, Elisa, Reaktor, Lifeline Ventures, AppCampus, Rovio, Helsinki Business Hub, Autokeskus, Treeform, and many many more. A big thank you to you all!

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