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Two Lessons Kippt Learned from Y-combinator.

First Finnish startup accepted to YC.
The founders, Jori Lallo and Karri Saarinen, started Kippt as the proverbial frustrated users. They looked for something that makes it super easy to collect, share, and find useful information, packed in the beautiful design. So they made Kippt. Kippt is a social and collaborative bookmarking website.

Since the first launch in May this year, the growth process of Kippt has been accelerated by the contribution of developers who want to improve the product. Kippt team was accepted to Y-combinator at this summer batch as the first case in Finland and thus gave much inspiration and hope for entrepreneurs based in Finland.

Kippt at Slush
Image credit: Yu Shen

Not Dying and Design.
The talk of two co-founders boiled down to two topics: survival and design. They opened up by reminding us of Paul Graham’s take on survival of startups. “If you can just avoid dying, you get rich. That sounds like a joke, but it’s what happens in a typical startup.” They said “The default state of startups is going to a grave. You must fight hard to escape dying.”

They went on to share their ideas on design. Karri Saarinen, the co-founder who takes care of design, said “The best design is the design that’s shipped”, a variation on “Done is better than perfect.” at Facebook’s HQ.

The excitement was definitely shown on their faces, when they talked about the extensive use cases of their APIs. They bring to a close their talk by saying “Let people hack, make money, and help you”. This idea of driving the growth based on reciprocity was, by all means, one of the most memorable quotes during Slush.

Quick 5-minute Interview on Karri Saarinen.
1. Monetization
Pro account is now available. You can donate 25 dollars to support our service. Also we are planning to add more features and make a new class of account for organizations. We would be able to charge them.”

2. Y-combinator
“No tricks. Writing in simple English is the first thing. Having a good understanding in what they look for is another, which can be partly achieved for example, by reading PG’s blogposts. The interview is nothing like the conventional one. They want to really talk to you as a human being.”

3. New Features
“Kippt is evolving day after day, by users. In the next update, we will include many community requested changes, a new interface and wider support of different content. You can check out our website to try our the new features in advance.”

Check out slides of Kippt and press release during Slush.


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