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Transfluent announces new partnerships

Transfluent, the company recently named “Best service provider” by Nordic Startup Awards announced two new partnerships yesterday at Slush.

The language translation service has teamed up with Automattic, the company behind popular Web publishing platform VIP, and Unity, the world’s most popular game development platform.

Transfluent is the first and only translation provider for VIP, which is Automattic’s premium cloud-based software and services provider designed specifically for large-scale enterprises and media companies.

Automattic, VIP

Users of VIP can have any content they publish professionally translated, with a single click. Transfluent uses a network of over 15,000 translators to quickly allocate a translator to a project. Once the translation is finished, the result is published automatically and displayed to the website customers speaking that language.


Unity is the most popular tool for creating mobile games. Transfluent is made available directly in the game development environment, through the Unity Asset Store, making it completely effortless to manage various language versions of a game.Transfluent updates the translations each time a developer builds a new version of the game, thus keeping all of the language versions up to date, with no additional effort. Transfluent also provides translations of the app store description and other marketing materials.


Transfluent CEO Jani Penttinen speaking at Slush

– Katrina Hahling

– Image by Daniel Taipale

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