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Fishbrain wins Slush 2012

A big congratulations to Fishbrain, the winner of this year’s lightweight pitching competition.  Fishbrain is a mobile app to help its users catch more and bigger fish. How it works is by allowing anglers to log, analyze and share news on their catch. They have released as a beta in Sweden and boast having already 15 000 catches shared on their service.

Photo: Daniel Taipale  © All rights reserved

Being the winner of the lightweight startup track is no easy feat. Starting with the preliminaries in the lightweight-100, participants have only 2 minutes to give their pitch in front of an audience and panel of judges. With one pitch after another, it’s a challenge to stand out from the rest and stay focused on only main points. Successful pitches move on to the lightweight-20 and then to the finals where only the best are selected to give their 5 minute pitch on the main stage. The competition was fierce in the finals against our runners up Catchbox, the world’s first audience microphone; Doggifit, a convenient and easy way to manage your dog’s health; and Health Puzzle who’s helping people regain control of their health.

These past two days at Slush were exhilarating and jammed packed with program. With all that’s going on its important not to forget Slush’s main mission: increasing the visibility of startups and helping them make the right connections. Mission accomplished I would say, and looking forward to following along with how these startups develop. See you next year I hope, and a big congratulations to all of our pitching participants!

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