This site is from Slush 2012. The content is old and not updated anymore!

What Does Slush Mean for Startups Like Deveo, Uplause, and Infogram.

We’ve seen over 3,000 people at Slush which translate to 3,000 different stories. Out of those, I’ve done short interviews on some of the most interesting teams during the event. Keep your eyes on these teams.

Deveo team at Slush
Image: Deveo

Deveo, source-code collaboration platform for SW.
For anyone who knows anything about software development in Finland must have heard of Eficode. Deveo is an internal startup of the company designed to fully utilize its extensive experience in the software development field. The team leader, Tair Assimov, aired full confidence for the openness and flexibility of Deveo which attracted the attention of the developer-minded at Slush.

Deveo is enterprise software development and collaboration platform with version control at its heart. In the Cloud or Standalone, Deveo team offers a streamlined experience to collaborate on code and extend the platform.

The flexibility of the platform makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to use it.
Users can adapt the tool to your changing business needs and support syncing feature. Tair went on to say “During Slush, we had good feedback from people. The existing platform is rather limiting. It’s frustrating for users who want to have control over the platform and teams working in geographically-distributed regions.”

Deveo is set to launch app store within the platform next year. 30-day free trial can be found here.

Uplause at play
Image: Uplause

Uplause, crowd-engaging games for live events.
Uplause offers a crowd-engaged game at live events. The company has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, such as Samsung, Worldcup Brazil and so on.

When Jussi Marin, co-founder of the company, asked audience to play their games for themselves during his talk, people were at first hesitant. Yet it only took them barely a minute to learn how to play it and enjoy it. Soon the event stage at cable factory was full of people shouting to keep the airplane floating up in the air and control the altitude. This was by all means one of the most impressive moments at this year’s Slush.

Other than voice-activated games, they also have types of games which utilize LED at fieldside and social media. With the intuitive design of the game, it easily engages audience of any event from sports to music festival.

Imagine thousands of people at a soccer stadium plays the same game at the same time together. Wouldn’t it be so cool?

Image: Infogram

Infogram, largest infographics community on Earth.
This year’s Slush was 2nd time for him, 2011 being the first. He shared a bit painful flashback of last year’s Slush in a proud voice. He received 100 business cards, ten of which were VCs. He sent emails to them, and no one replied but one saying “sorry, maybe next year.”

And he catapulted the company at the right center of VC’s radar. Infogram is now the largest infographics community in the world. The co-founder of Infogram, Uldis Leiterts, boasts of 550,000 monthly visitors and 1.5 million monthly page view. The company’s service has been very well received by journalists and it has seen 250,000 infographics made so far.

Another epic come-from-behind story of Slush.


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