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What to Expect at SyysGraph’12? Demos, Audiovisual Extravaganza and All Things Graphics & Interaction

SyysGraph, as well as its springtime sister event, KevätGraph, is a computer graphics seminar organized once a year in Helsinki by ACM SIGGRAPH.

SyysGraph offers a broad overview of what’s happening in graphics and interaction scene in Finland and abroad – 3D graphics, demos, animations and new interactive technologies. Don’t get spooked by the technology though, SyysGraph is more of a smörgåsbord of the bubbling-unders of computer graphics and targeted to a general audience!

This year, we’re excited to host SyysGraph as a part of the Slush program. So even if you’re not a computer graphics professional like the rest of the SyysGraph audience, you can still take part in the seminar on Wednesday 21st in the afternoon with a regular Slush conference pass.

The speaker lineup of this year’s seminar includes both industry veterans as well as new talent, including

  • Olli Rajala / Anima Vitae
  • Antti Laiho / SIGGRAPH 2012
  • Lasse Korpela / CatchBox
  • Jiri Kupiainen / Rocket Pack
  • Kalle Raita / drawElements
  • Borgar Ljosland / FXI Technologies
  • Kristina Narusk / GrabCAD
  • Jaakko Lehtinen / NVIDIA, Aalto
  • Julius Tuomisto & Janne Karhu / Delicode
  • Joe Robins / Unity
  • Jussi Marin & Tuomas Paavola / UpLause
  • Tomas Westerholm / 3DRender
  • Uldis Leiterts /

Take a better look at the Speakers.

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