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Ulla-Maaria Engeström – Making objects click

Fascinated about the idea of “right-clicking” everyday objects, Ulla-Maaria Engeström founded ThingLink which is changing the way people are interacting with images online. The idea behind ThingLink is pretty straightforward: let’s make images a platform for sharing meaningful interactive content.  For it to work, users must simply install the ThingLink publishing tool on their website and register for a ThingLink account. All images on the website then become a potential medium for adding related content with a simple click.

The potential uses for this platform are virtually endless, but as a model for business is valuable for advertising, e-commerce, entertainment and social connections. With the ThingLink platform, users can follow statistical information on their images’ click and hover rates as well as where their images have been embedded in other websites.

Engeström has described that “everything has their own social network” meaning objects have a history and a relationship to the people who make, design, sell and own them. With the use of rich media tags, it becomes possible to interact with image based content across different platforms within a single image.

In the realm of publishing, image-based content discovery is not quite the beginning, but also not the end. From here the objective is to understand our relationships to everyday objects and the potential to interact and discover from them.

Slush  has been having fun with ThingLink with our own user account  in bringing our images to life, just hover over Ulla-Maaria’s picture above to experience how this platform really works. Come join us at Slush and hear what Ulla-Maaria has to say about object-based navigation and the present-future of publishing.

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